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DisposalsGarbage disposals are a wonderful kitchen convenience, and if you don’t already have one to make your life easier and less messy, All Pro Plumbing can recommend and install the disposal model that is the right fit for your needs. If the garbage disposal you are currently using seems sluggish, has stopped working completely or is making strange noises indicating there’s a clog, your best resource in the greater San Mateo area is the experienced team of excellent plumbers provided by All Pro Plumbing.

Because dealing with garbage disposal clogs and other issues relating to faulty operation involve both water and electricity, All Pro Plumbing suggests you call us first Disposalsbefore attempting a do-it-yourself fix that could not only damage your disposal unit but might also cause physical harm. As a family owned and operated business, we have years of experience providing excellent service in disposal repair. And if we determine that your unit is too old or outmoded to be properly repaired, we can remove the existing disposal unit and install a brand new model at a reasonable price that fits your budget, with features that meet your needs.

The garbage disposal unit is a wonderful device for saving you time and energy in the kitchen. All Pro Plumbing suggests you always use plenty of water to flush the unit and only dispose of food items, never inserting bottle caps, plastic, paper cups or napkins into the unit, all of which will quickly create a clog. Trust our All Pro Plumbing disposal repair and installation service to provide excellent customer service quickly and at an affordable rate.

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