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FixturesIf the plumbing fixtures in your home are old fashioned, leaking or just plain ugly, All Pro Plumbing specializes in providing excellent service throughout the greater San Mateo region when it comes to fixture repair and installation. Leaking fixtures not only waste water but can also increase your energy bill on a monthly basis. Fixtures that are old and unsightly can actually lower the value of your home when it’s time to sell as well as decrease the quality and comfort you want to enjoy from living in your home.

All Pro Plumbing can replace all of the old, unattractive, scratched, chipped and leaking fixtures throughout your home with new, attractive, stain resistant models, many of which offer some pretty wonderful amenities. Newer models of fixtures are more energy efficient to save you money, including filters on the spouts in order to use less water. Other special features now available in fixtures include flexible hoses, sleek and modern styling, and water-lighting LEDs that turn on and off automatically.

FixturesRenovating your home by installing all new plumbing fixtures is an affordable way to increase the value of your property, in addition to saving money on energy costs since new fixtures won’t waste water and actually help you use less water without having to sacrifice. Family owned and operated All Pro Plumbing uses only licensed and experienced technicians, in addition to the highest quality of parts, backed by a consistent history of excellent service. We invite you to contact All Pro Plumbing today for a complimentary consultation about upgrading the plumbing fixtures at your house!

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